The Mystery of Shells


The Snail Fable

Once upon a time, when the elephant was the king of the forest, he called all the animals for an assembly, menacing with the death penalty whoever did not show up on time.

The meeting was well on its way when the snail finally arrives.

“Why are you so late?” asked the elephant. “You know you will be penalized, don’t you?”

“Lengthy are the roads, and short are the feet you gave me to walk with”, says the snail. “The tree branches hurt and blind me, the rain and the cold upset me. So I have to go back to my village, put my house on my back, and bring it with me”.

The elephant laughed at the narrative, and said: “You did well, poor snail, and for this reason you will have your eyes in the extremity of your antennae to keep them safe. But because you came late to my meeting, you will carry your house on your back for all your existence”.

(A folk fable)