In the southern coast of the Espírito Santo is found the biggest concentration of shell craft of the country. However, all this beauty from the enchanted world of shells is only possible because of the ecological conditions of the region, that offer a large variety of materials for the creativity of the artisans.

Therefore, it is important to create an ecological consciousness for the preservation of this ecosystem, otherwise there will be no shells. Without shells, there will be not work, and we will not have this beautiful artcraft that represents the state.

The preservation of this ecosystem is fundamental to maintain these masterpieces. The protection of the three islands (Gambá, do Meio, Cabritos) in front of Piúma Beach by the Cultural State Council (Conselho Estadual de Cultura) resulted from a petition signed by its population and marked an important step coming from the community toward the preservation of this environment, their quality of life, and the shell craft.