In 1989, Adélia M. de Souza pointed out: “The population of this city [Piúma] lives the drama that other coastal cities are living, that is, how to conciliate the inevitable urban growth with the preservation of the traditions, uses, and local landscaping.

The inhabitants, in their majortity with little information about the significance of the moment they are living, are astonished in relation to this fact, because the jobs of the educators and mediators are executed in an innapropriate way.

That is why there is the necessity to produce culture and make people understand that the decisions altering the future of the region have to be openly discussed by the leaders of the communities and their organized entities.

Not acting in this way will bring desastrous results for the main productive activities of the counties ( fishing, artcraft, tourism)”.

Adélia M. de Souza - Member of Centro Cultural de Piúma

Interview for the documentary “Piúma Concha”, by Amilton de Almeida, 1989.