The Commerce

Shell’s Paradise - Today

In the 90s, when the main source of income in the small summer-vacation cities was fishing, the majority of the population, including children, was working with shells. The demand for this work throughout the country generated tourism, which in present days became the first economic sources in these cities, along with civil-construction. During the summer season, there is a huge population increase in the coastal area, which stimulates and propels the art craft business.

Today, we find shell artisans in several cities of the southern coast of Espirito Santo, and in the region called “Great Vitória”. Different from the initial production of the 60-80 decades, the work now is more elaborate and exclusive. The continuation of this craft is no longer a cottage industry, as occurred in the past, and the majority of the new artisans learn the skill in courses offered by Sebrae (1).

Different from the past, the production today range from totally hand-made items to a production-line that employs up to 40 people. In these cities, there are today permanent trade shows in squares and marketplaces near the beaches and the tourists.


(1) Sebrae - Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises.