The Beauty of Shells

The Murals of Piúma

Mosaic is the art of arranging pieces to form a design or figure. In Piúma, the artisans arrange shells to form seacapes and many other designs, depending on their creativity. At the beginning, these mosaics were made on the backyard walls. Nowadays they evolved and can be seen in walls of many different buildings, such as stores and restaurants.

All this elaborate and unique work, all this beauty from this enchanted world of shells is possible because of the geological conditions of this region, which offer abundant and varied material for the artisans’ works.

It is necessary to cultivate an ecological conscience for the preservation of this environment, otherwise the shells will disappear. Without shells, there will be neither artisans nor this beautiful art craft that characteristically represents the Espírito Santo.

Spread all around the city, the MURALS of Piúma justify the nickname given to this amazing town as “The City of Shells.”